We're thrilled to share a wonderful version of "Automatic" from @BadBadHats today! "We were inspired to try anoth… https://t.co/SzmiDwscOeAlthough @BadBadHats are home from tour (for the moment), they're brewing up quite the rest of 2018! Until then, g… https://t.co/12KsrQMVO5Tomorrow night!! @BadBadHats release party for #LightningRound is going down at @FirstAvenue! 8pm, $15, 18+ Cli… https://t.co/QYFHVcgSMwWe'll just leave this here: https://t.co/4bYIT29VRy @BadBadHats #LightningRound https://t.co/kE0428UR4jPsst... the digital version of the new @BadBadHats album is up now for download --> https://t.co/FBLqblMMBA https://t.co/Nnt78ENpjvAt midnight tonight, you will be able to purchase the digital WAV version of the breathtaking new @BadBadHats album… https://t.co/kKmkiiBZU0

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