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"A delicate balance between brash and beautiful."
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"A breath of fresh air"
Three Imaginary Girls

"The word is spreading and the love is sure to follow"

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Members: Eli Show, Isaac Show, Brent Hardie, Tim Evenson, Tony Helland, David Left, Logan Borchardt, Micheal Graber and Tory Stollen

Sioux Falls, the 167th largest city in the nation, is the commuting center for the nine members that make up We All Have Hooks For Hands.

Originally starting in a downtown Sioux Falls apartment as a simple project to create happy pop tunes, "Hold on, c'mon" was recorded first with minimal members without a name for the project. A six piece first set off for a short west coast tour screaming through the mountains in a green tin lizzy.

After growing from the experience, a full-length album was put into production. A self-built/self-taught recording studio resulted in the addition of multiple amiable pals hailing from as far as Freeman, SD, home of the Mennonites. The result is a full band with a radiant sound, which includes dueling drummers, a violinist, three guitars, two horn/keyboard players, and a lonely bass.

The size of band and collective feel is a means to experiment with sound and dynamics. The influences that shaped the upcoming album are as colorful as they were plentiful. The party lifestyle in a rural city fuels the music.

"We love everyone and the party's at our place."


'Made Up Of Tiny Lights'


'Hold On, C'mon'