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Members: Mark Ritsema & John Pelant

The Battle Royale write fast and furious pop songs that make you move. But they also don't. That's right, Wake Up, Thunderbabe is not only a killer dance album, but it is also a simple and sweet acoustic pop album. In classic Side A/Side B style, Thunderbabe is one part dance, one part folk. Side A is reminiscent of modern dance-pop bands like The Faint, Hot Chip and CSS, and Side B is purely folk that references the likes of Tilly and the Wall, Arcade Fire and Page France.

After garnering an impressive grass-roots following nationwide with the release of their first full-length album, Sparkledust Fantasy (Afternoon Records), the sing-along dance-pop anthems and catchy say-what riffs of the Battle Royale continue to only get better with Wake Up, Thunderbabe. This sophomore effort evolved out of a year of touring, growing up, and going to college, not to mention sharing the stage with such great bands as the Blood Brothers, Celebration and Tilly and the Wall.

Wake Up, Thunderbabe is infectious, fun and energetic, so bring your best Charlie Brown dance to the party and enjoy.




'Oh Martha'